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inkin.JPGInkin Olexander Victorovych

Doctor in Technical Sciences, Professor

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ORCID 0000-0003-3401-9386

Prof. Inkin O.V. teaches the courses "Engineering geodynamics", "Methodology of research", "Groundwater reserve assessment", "Engineering structures", "Methods of hydrogeological studies", "Environmental monitoring".

He is the member of the Scientific Council Section at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in Earth Sciences, the member of 2 specialized scientific councils for defense of doctoral dissertations in the specialty 05.15.02 “Underground mining” and 05.15.09 – "Geotechnical and mining mechanics".

Prof. Inkin O.V. is the responsible researcher of international, state budgetary and contract-based researches.

His scientific interests include hydrogeomechanics of complex geotechnical systems; modeling of thermo- and gas-dynamic processes using energy reserves and heat transfer fluids in affected and mined out rocks.

He has over 100 scientific papers, including 3 books, 1 textbook, 4 patents for invention.

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