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Research at Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology is carrying out with the experts from around the world. The most remarkable international projects of Department are the following.


- Research and technical project ROMBUSS on optimization of the geo-technology for reclamation of the sites charged by dump rock heaps in the mining regions of Ruhr (Germany) and Western Donbass (Ukraine). The optimal composition of soil mixtures to neutralize acidic solutions in rocks was estimated based on the experimental studies and mathematical modeling. The partners were Saar Montan, TU Berlin (Germany) and Imperial College (UK), Participants were prof. Sadovenko I.A. (Ukrainian research head), Associate Prof. Zahrytsenko A.M., Assistant Tishkov V.V., the project was completed during 1998-2001.

ucg.jpg- The project "Underground coal gasification" aimed to justify the parameters of underground coal gasification, and study gas and fluid flows around underground gas generators. The partner country was Japan, project staff included Prof. Sadovenko I.A., Associate Prof. Inkin O.V.; the project was completed during 2000. Prof. I.O. Sadovenko at the meeting in the technology center in Japan (Photo).

REC.JPG- Research and Education Center (REC) at the National Mining University "Stability of geotechnical systems: processes, phenomena, risks" supported by Civilian Research and Development Foundation CRDF (USA), Prof. Sadovenko I.A. was the first REC Director, Prof. Rudakov D.V. is the REC Deputy Director responsible to external links; the project participants were Associate Prof. Tymoshchuk V.I., Associate Prof. Zahrytsenko A.M., Associate Prof. Inkin O.V., Assistant Tishkov V.V. The first stage of the project was completed in June 2007 - May 2010.


- NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Correlation between Human Factors and the Prevention of Catastrophes" (Dnipropetrovsk, 12-15th September 2011); Co-Director Ukraine Prof. D.V. Rudakov.


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