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Educational material base of Department consists of the laboratories for:

- Soil Science;

- Mechanics of soils and rocks;

- Physical modeling of hydrodynamic processes;

- Mathematical modeling.


Laboratories are provided with modern equipment, guidelines and instructions, and software products for:
- Studying water and physical properties of soils in accordance with actual standards;
- Studying deformation characteristics and strength properties of soils under 3D stress;
- Physical modeling of ground water flow, geo-mechanical and geotechnical processes;
- Carrying out chemical analyzes of water using the spectrophotometric method;
- Mathematical modeling of ground water flow and geotechnical engineering applications;
- Statistical treatment of hydrogeological, geotechnical and geo-environmental information.


Educational practical training is organized in Dnepropetrovsk and on the hydrogeological test site at the sport complex "Miner" in the village Orlovschyna. Conducting this training includes the study of hydrogeological and geotechnical processes on the real sites, the study of water and physical properties of soil, geo-mechanical conditions of soils and rocks on built-up areas.


The hydrogeological test site located at the sport complex "Miner" has the network of extracting, pumping, and observation wells that are installed in the shallow and artesian aquifers. During the educational training test water injections in soil and pumping from wells are performed; physical and mechanical properties of soils are evaluated using field laboratories.

Methodological support provided by the Department comprises educational textbooks and guidelines for laboratory and practical trainings, course and diploma projects. Methodological support is constantly updated in accordance with the academic courses taught by the Department.

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