Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time


One of the Department and university priorities is to attract talented and active students to participation in research work, their comprehensive support and financial incentives.

The programs "Talented Youth" and "Student scientific circle" are established and successfully being completed; the students are doing research within state and non-government funding, preparing to participate in competitions and grants. The results of their research are presented on the conferences at national and international level, during the annual week of student science at the university as well.


Annually are organized

- International Conference of Students. "Geography, ecology, geology: the experience of research". - Dnepropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk State University.

- Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists, "Scientific Spring". - Dnepropetrovsk, National Mining University;

- National Scientific Conference of students. - Donetsk, Donetsk National Technical University;

- International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Technology Transfer: from idea to profit". - Dnipropetrovsk, National Mining University.

- International English-spoken Forum of Students "Widening Horizons", - Dnipropetrovsk, National Mining University.

Among the latest achievements of our students one should mention their participation in international cooperation programs and competitions for grants and scholarships at regional and national level. The main ones are:

- Grant awarded to the research team within the Research and Education Center (REC) programs of National Mining University funded by the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) (participants Vorobieva T.I., Chernyaeva Y.G. 2008);


- Individual grant awarded by REC and funded by the U.S. CRDF (Sherstyuk EA, 2008);

- Grant awarded to the research team within the REC programs funded by the U.S. CRDF (participant Derevyagina N.I., 2009);

- Personal scholarships of V. Pinchuk's Fund "Tomorrow.ua" (Derevyagina N., Marchenko I. - 2010, Antypovych Ya. 2011, Soldatenko E., Vyhryuk O., Tarasevich O. - 2012, competition is going on)

- Grant for study abroad awarded by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine (Sych Ye. 2011).

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