Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time


Americana 2007.jpgProf. D.V. Rudakov with Ukrainian colleagues and the representative of the Government of Canada R. Padifin (fourth from left) at the conference "Americana 2007" dedicated to environmental technologies for environment restoration (Montreal, Canada, March 2007).

Krakow_MiningCongress08_.jpgProf. D.V. Rudakov with Ukrainian, Polish and German colleagues at the XXI World Mining Congress "New Challenges and Visions for Mining". The meeting of the Congress held at the Jagiellonian University and the Mining and Metallurgical Academy (Krakow). In addition, special meetings of the World Mining Congress were outside the city, particularly, in the historic salt mine "Wieliczka" located 15 km from the city center (Krakow, Poland, September 2008)

Denver2008_.jpgProf. D.V. Rudakov makes presentation at the conference "Remediation of abandoned mine lands" organized jointly by the National Groundwater Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Denver, Colorado, USA, October 2008)

spb.jpgAssociate Prof. O.V. Inkin, Assistants T.I. Perkova and Ye.A. Sherstyuk in the delegation of National Mining University at the International Forum-Competition of Young Researchers "Problems of Earth's bowel usage", St. Petersburg State Mining Institute named after G.V. Plekhanov (St. Petersburg, Russia, April 2010).

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