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tishkov.jpg Tishkov Vladimir Vladimirovych


In 1994 he graduated from State Mining Academy of Ukraine, studied hydrogeology and engineering geology, and got the qualification of mining hydrogeologist-engineer.

In 1994-1997 he studied as postgraduate at National Mining University, since 1998 he is assistant of Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.

He teaches the courses "Hydrogeology", "Hydraulics, Hydrology, Hydrometrics", "Hydrology", "Statistical Analysis of Geological Information", "Regulatory Base of Geo-environmental Studies", "Environmental Hydrogeology", "Water Supply and Irrigation engineering", "Groundwater Monitoring", "Geo-environmental studies", "Environmental Hydrochemistry".

The main direction of research is the changes of hydrogeological and geo-mechanical state of rock mass under man-made impact (underground mining, open pits, underground coal gasification).

He has 22 publications; two of them are in international journals.

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