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advertHydrogeology is a study program that provides education of professionals as engineers and hydrogeologists specializing in

  • - Hydrogeology;
  • - Engineering Geology.


The scientific and practical area of the specialization Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology includes studying geological, engineering and geological conditions related to such issues as
- Search and exploration of groundwater for industry and drinking water supply;
- Search and exploration of mineral water for the provision of sanatorium facilities with balneal and medicinal waters;
- Design and elaboration of the measures to protect groundwater from pollution and depletion;
- Building of industrial and civil constructions;
- Hydrogeological, engineering and geological support of mining operations;
- Prediction of evolving negative geological and geotechnical processes;
- Justification of the measures to minimize environmental and economic damage caused by appearances of negative engineering and geological processes and so on.


The area of the specialization Environmental Geo-Engineering embraces studying hydrogeological, engineering and geological aspects of environment protection, particularly, such issues as
- Environmental safety of human life under intensive industrial impacts on groundwater and geological environment;
- Development of environmentally focused measures in design and constructing water supply facilities, building and operation of hydraulic structures, exploitation of mineral deposits;
- Justification of the methods of underground disposal of contaminated industrial wastes and sewage, radioactive waters;
- Methodical support of geo-environmental studies to assess the conditions on man-disturbed areas;
- Assessment of engineering activity impacts on the environment.

According to the educational programs, the students are studying such courses as underground hydraulics, hydrochemistry, regional hydrogeology, exploration hydrogeology, soil science, engineering geology, environmental hydrogeology.

The basis of modern geological research includes field and experimental methods and computer simulations of physical and chemical processes in aquifers. The same specializations provide training for students in theoretical and applied engineering geology, soil science, engineering geodynamics, regional engineering geology, environmental geology and geological environment protection. In this regard, such disciplines as mathematical statistics, programming, mathematical modeling, and information technologies are of great importance for educating specialists hydrogeologists.

Department graduates master the modern methods of laboratory study of rocks and groundwater, the methods of mathematical modeling groundwater flow and geomechanical processes using computer technology; they can assess and predict hydrogeological and geotechnical conditions of lands taking account for different types of building, and also perform predictive modeling of geological and technological processes, solve the problems of environmental hydrogeology and engineering geology.


The professional goals of specialists in hydrogeology are
study, analysis and evaluation of hydrogeological, engineering and geological conditions of lands,
research of rock structure and properties, geological and man-caused processes,
study of hydrodynamic and hydrochemical trends in groundwater,
search for and exploration of groundwater,
conducting surveys for design of engineering structures,
support of engineering and industrial activities,
assessment of environmental after-effects of man-made impacts on the geological environment and groundwater.

Specialist in hydrogeology performs
- design and operations for field and laboratory works and computer treatment of hydrogeological and geotechnical data related to engineering activities that addresses specific geological problems,
- develops regulative and methodical documents, proposals and measures for implementation of hydrogeological studies and geo-engineering applications,
- analyzes information obtained as a results of field and laboratory studies,
- summarizes and classifies results of completed studies using modern computer technologies,
- prepares reports on R&D works, explanatory notes, maps, charts, and other accepted forms of reporting documentation,
- participates in R&D hydrogeological and geotechnical programs and projects using laboratory and surveying equipment.

ingener.jpgWorkplaces of specialists in hydrogeology are
- state academic and research institutes dealing with hydrogeological, geotechnical and geo-environmental problems,
- public and private companies, organizations, companies associated with the exploration and exploitation of groundwater, their protection from depletion and pollution,
- organizations, enterprises and firms dealing with exploration and exploitation of mineral deposits,
- organization carrying out R&D works in building and engineering geology for lands being explored,
- academic and research organizations solving environmental and geological problems;
- institutions of higher and secondary education.

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